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Things You Need to Know About Six Sigma Methodologies

To achieve Six Sigma, companies must determine how to focus and deploy the Six Sigma Breakthrough Strategy so that key business priorities and strategy issues are addressed. A company that has recently had substantial losses, such as shrinking market share or losses due to high Labor costs, might decide to focus on short-term cost reduction. […]

The Best Online Six Sigma Certification Programs Of The Year

Six Sigma Certifications of all varieties can be earned in many different forms of training. One of the most popular methods of obtaining Six Sigma Training is through online training. There are various online Six Sigma Training courses that a person may choose from and these courses will be able to offer many different levels […]

Unexpected Ways Six Sigma Can Benefit Your Company

The investment of using Six Sigma methods is great. Companies continue to benefit long after the Six Sigma project is completed. Some of the costs of using Six Sigma professionals are general. These would include the office supplies, training, travel and support costs. The suggested project will have a budget that will include all of […]

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